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    Overview: This week is all about honesty! We begin with the Moon in Sagittarius inspiring open-hearted authenticity. Scorpio season starts on Thursday, and then on Sunday, the the Sun forms a conjunction to Mercury (which is currently retrograde in Scorpio), motivating you to discover and share the truth.

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    Breakthrough moment, Aries! Pay attention to the clues and lessons you find on Monday and don’t dismiss anything as a “coincidence.” Scorpio season begins on Thursday, turning up your intimacy, authenticity, and power. Think critically about your own truth and sexuality on Sunday under the Sun-Mercury conjunction, and share it with those you trust!


    What is the truth, Taurus? Monday helps you get in touch with the truth that’s in your body. Feel where it goes and listen to what it wants. Scorpio season starts your most romantic chapter on Thursday—enjoy the opposites-attract style chemistry! Sunday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction helps you understand a powerful idea. Stay curious and adaptable!

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    Date night, Gemini? Monday opens up a romantic moment for you if you’re excited for adventure and willing to be surprised. Scorpio season begins on Thursday, grounding you in routine, wellness, time-management, and organization. A Sun-Mercury conjunction on Sunday gives you an “ah-ha!” moment for peak personal development.


    Doctor’s orders, Cancer! You’re all about health, organization, and wellness on Monday, so follow your intuition for amazing results. Scorpio season beginning on Thursday opens your heart to amazing experiences if you’re claiming your confidence. Sunday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction gives you greater pleasure, embodiment, and joy.


    You’re radiant, Leo! Monday gives you charisma, courage, and glamour for dayyyyyys. Scorpio season begins on Thursday, connecting you to the people and places that feel like home. Connect with your chosen or birth family on Sunday under the Sun-Mercury conjunction and enjoy their love and support.


    Vulnerability is your superpower, Virgo! Monday opens you up to your emotions, so normalize what you’re feeling. Scorpio season beginning on Thursday gives you greater fluency in the non-verbal; pay close attention to energy and body language. On Sunday, you’ll apply this lesson under the Sun-Mercury conjunction. Work on understanding of what’s unspoken!


    Straight talk, Libra! You’ll have to keep it all the way real on Monday, and you can do so compassionately. Scorpio season starts on Thursday, helping you clarify your understanding of financial security and how you live out values. Sunday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction wants you to get grounded, centered, and embodied with greater safety.


    Treat yourself, Scorpio! Monday helps you soften into joy and pleasure for the sake of recharging your energy. Your season starts on Thursday! Hoping all your bday wishes come true. Sunday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction gives you a breakthrough and wants you to share it with those you trust. It could be risky, but you deserve the clarity!


    Live fast, Sag! The Moon is in your sign on Monday, giving you the energy do and be everything that you want. Scorpio season begins on Thursday, helping you review your year with contemplation and healing. Sunday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction gives you an intuitive download, so trust what you’re sensing and take inspired action.


    Be gentle with yourself, Cap. Monday’s energy is complex, so normalize what you’re feeling and give yourself compassion. Scorpio season begins on Thursday, aligning you with the political and social causes you’re passionate about just in time for Election Day. Sunday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction is a social one, so reunite safely with your ride-or-dies!


    Mondays can be fun, too, Aquarius! The week starts off with a lively, joyful atmosphere, so do what makes you happy. Scorpio season begins on Thursday, giving you greater ambition to manifest your career goals. Pay attention to Sunday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction, as it’ll give you visionary insight to help your professional dreams come true!


    Rise and shine, Pisces! Your creativity and professional talents are off the charts this week, so show us what you got! Scorpio season starts on Thursday, helping you learn new ways of living that can give you greater results. Sunday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction wants you to actively choose new behaviors (instead of old habits) so that you can be in the present moment!

    Colin Bedell
    Colin is a literal Gemini Twin Astrologer from Long Island, New York and a two-time graduate of the New School with his Bachelor’s in Literature from Eugene Lang College and Master’s in Fashion Studies from Parsons School of Design.

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